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“‘The Sports Junkies’ story Still Barking is a great read about four childhood friends who beat the odds by creating a show that has stood the test of time, along with their lifelong friendship. Their streak of success is remarkable.”


Baseball Hall of Famer

Over the last 25 years, “The Sports Junkies” have become one of the most popular and successful shows in Washington, D.C., radio history. This quartet of boyhood friends—John-Paul “J.P.” Flaim, Eric “E.B.” Bickel, Jason “Lurch” Bishop, and John “Cakes” Auville—chased their dream of breaking into sports broadcasting together and defied the traditional sports talk mold. Throughout the pages of Still Barking, John-Paul revisits their most outrageous segments, memorable guests, hilarious hijinks, and behind-the-scenes moments.

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About the author

John-Paul “J.P.” Flaim is co-host of “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C. During his 25 years on the radio, J.P. has done everything from stepping into a professional boxing ring to opening his bar exam results live on the air. Of the four Junkies, he is known for playing devil’s advocate, although he’ll argue that he often proffers the first opinion. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Flaim received his J.D. from the Temple University Beasley School of Law. The married father of three lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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Praise For Still Barking

“I don't always agree with The Junkies, but we always have fun. I think having fun is the reason why so many people have listened to them for so many years. Agree with them, disagree with them, they never take themselves too seriously.”

Bestselling Author, Journalist

“‘The Sports Junkies' make me sick. To be able to talk about your passion with the dudes you've been best friends with since you were kids and get paid for it just isn't fair.”


D.C. Radio Legend

 “I’ve known The Junks for over 20 years. I love these guys, although I’m not sure which one J.P. is.”


Comedian and Impersonator

“I thought I understood fandom due to my time as a player in the league. I quickly found out I was wrong. The Junkies’ ability to give voice to the opinions of the ‘every person’—right, wrong, heartfelt, completely absurd—is unmatched.”


President, Washington Football team

“The Junkies set the standard in camaraderie and fun. This book perfectly depicts everything good in sports, friendship and what it means to truly live the dream.”


General Manager, Washington Nationals

 "The Junks are everything you were told in broadcasting not to be. They work because they're unique, and their originality defines them. I knew they had something when they created their own language. Their story is bazilly."

Host, “The Mike O'Meara Show" podcast

"They are part of the reason I got into blogging. I saw guys making jokes and talking about sports for a living and decided that's what I wanted to do. Twenty-five years later, they are still the best in the biz."

Podcaster, Blogger, Poker Player

“I do not have any apologies for the home team, and my home team has been ‘The Junkies’ for years. They were the first show to cover us when we were in the midst of a nasty fight with the NFL, and having them in our office on the day we were locked out set the tone for our friendship ever since.”

Director, NFLPA


"I've appreciated and admired the way 'The Junks' cover sports. They have a unique ability to give their audience a different angle on athletes and our lives on and off the field."

Washington Nationals

“You haven’t made it in the D.C. sports scene unless you have spent time with these guys. They're still super fun, still with their collective fingers on the pulse of the sports space, and still guys I consider friends.”

Sports Anchor, Reporter 

“I’ve appeared on 'The Sports Junkies' show more than 200 times, and I’m just happy to survive four voices coming at me. I still can’t tell them apart, but J.P. sounds the smartest, at least.”

Columnist, 106.7 The Fan

"I still listen to The Junkies every day. I sit in my car and interact with them like I'm in the studio with them. I still fantasize about being the Fifth Junkie! Theirs is a great story. They're awfully lucky, and so are we, the listeners."


News Anchor, WUSA-TV

“Nothing makes me feel more connected to the D.C. sports scene than The Junks. Whether I was living in Bethesda or California, these dudes have been a part of my morning routine for 25 years.”


Sports TV Host and Play-by-play

“To have three friends since your 20s is amazing, but to work with them four hours a day, five days a week is incredible. The chemistry these guys share is unthinkable. My wife and I have separate bedrooms, and we’re soul mates.”